Villa Radicata

Planning Your Stay

Planning Your Stay

The best time of year to come is any time!


Easter and Spring is when the countryside starts to awaken again to a new season. The fields are starting to show their colours, wild flowers are popping up, and there is a sense of newness and vitality in the air. The weather still has some cool periods but there are also days of wonderful sunny weather and you can enjoy your lunch outside on the terrace.

May has the famous medieval festival in Anghiari.

From May on the weather improves to the early days of  summer. The vegetation is set and growing, the days are full of sunshine, the buzz of bees, birdsong and now the temperature starts to climb to the levels of summer. There are plenty of sunflowers and poppies in the Tuscan fields.


From early/mid June through July and August summer sets in. This is the most popular time with rural Tuscany at it's best. Hot sunny days flow from one sombulent day to the next. The pool invites you in for a refreshing dip or lay back in the shade with a favourite book. As we are 680 m high it never gets too hot and July you can enjoy the nightly show of fireflies flitting around the villa.

For music lovers you can enjoy the famous jazz festival in Perugia and the open air concerts in San Sepolcro and Anghiari.


Right into mid/end October the weather can still hold onto some of the glory of the height of summer. But now the farmers have done with their harvests and everywhere there are festivals. From the Chestnut and Truffle festivals (Citta di Castello and Caprese) to the Euro chocolate fair at Perugia, from Palio festivals(San Sepolcro) to Antique Fairs (Arezzo), there is something for everyone. November sees the olive harvest and the wonderful "olio nuovo" tastings. Don't miss a visit to Ravagni to see the new Virgin oil coming freshly out of the traditional stone press.

We have included some directions on how to get to get to Villa Radicata. See "Getting there".